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Oakland County's Bestech Energy Systems would like to show its’ appreciation to several groups of people in the communities that we serve by offering a discount on a Residential Energy Audit.

Thank you for your services that you’ve provided to us over the years….

    • Active Military person (homeowner) – 20% discount; Military ID, DD214 or Privilege Card required*
    • US Military veterans – 10% discount*
    • Active/Retired Police and Firemen – 10% discount; badge or ID required*


Due to the state of Michigan’s economy, we are also offering a Residential Energy Audit discount to these groups….every homeowner has to pay for their utilities!

    • Unemployed head of household – 20% discount; must show proof of unemployment*
    • Senior citizens – 10% discount*

* Only one discount per household



Energy Tax Credit and Rebate Information

Consumers Energy residential/commercial link page

DTE Energy residential customer energy savings rebate program

DTE Energy commercial customer energy savings rebate program

DSIRE is a national clearing-house for Federal, State, and local utility energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives

Energy Star is a federal government site that explains the tax incentives for both personal and business tax-payers who invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy measures


Note: Working with the tax codes is an industry unto itself; Bestech Energy Systems will assist you in making energy decisions and point out measures that qualify for tax incentives or financial rebates.

A professional tax advisor should be consulted prior to purchase, to assure that you can utilize these incentives; based upon your personal tax situation.*





We will help you understand and control your energy consumption – to save you some green and to help you go green.


Every building performs differently, utilizing the energy you are paying for at various levels of efficiency.

Even two similar structures, built by the same builder, in the same area will have different energy efficiency footprints.

This can be attributed to quality control during construction, maintenance, damage, number of occupants and their usage patterns.

That is why a thorough inspection of your building by a certified professional with the proper tools and training is the only way to accurately determine your energy saving opportunities.


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Residential Commercial

Energy conservation THE HOME ENERGY AUDIT

Bestech Energy Systems, a Michigan company, uses the “Building as a System” approach to diagnose and evaluate the energy efficiency shortcomings in your home. We offer three levels of inspection, the Comprehensive Residential Energy Audit, the Walk-thru Audit and the Thermography-only inspection. Each type of inspection includes specific tests and reports. Read more…


Commercial buildings have special energy efficiency issues, and commercial customers consume energy in very different ways than home owners. Bestech Energy Systems has developed a system to consider the entire Energy Management of a commercial building.

From the neighborhood grocery store to a small manufacturing facility, we can evaluate the energy efficiency and identify opportunities for energy reductions. Read more...


We can help you take the next step to reducing your energy consumption, with a variety of energy efficiency products.  Ranging from innovative energy efficient insulation upfits to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, we can help you achieve the energy reductions that will lower your monthly utility bills. Read more...


You may wonder if solar or wind energy can efficiently be utilized in Southeast Michigan.

Bestech Energy Systems has researched and identified several renewable energies that make sense in this region, and for a broad range of residences and commercial buildings. We can help you determine if this is an option that makes sense in your specific situation. Read more...

Energy conservation

(Conservation is nothing new!)


Bestech Energy Systems has a vested interest in keeping abreast of the financial incentives that are available to our residential and commercial customers. Some of these programs are well-defined with set dates, while others have limited funding and can end unexpectedly. There are also new programs through various sources that are expected to be available soon.

There are even utility rebates available for having a comprehensive Energy Audit. We track government and utility financial incentives on the local, state and federal levels. When we present your Energy Audit results, there will be a list of energy efficiency recommendations. Bestech Energy Systems will assist you in identifying financial incentives that may be available for your energy-upgrade projects. *

For more information on possible tax credits and rebates, please visit the website links to the left.


Saving energy. Growing the use of renewable energy.

These two principles have guided the founders of Bestech Energy Systems for decades – long before $4-per-gallon gasoline and the term carbon footprint. We believe that all of us have an opportunity to reduce our energy consumption, with the benefit of reduced monthly utility costs. Bestech Energy Systems is a family-owned and operated business located in Oakland County in Southeast Michigan. Read more...


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